Refund Policy


アメリカ国内へのUSPS Priorityでの発送:

アメリカ郵便局のUSPS Priority Mail packageは1〜3日営業日で通常到着いたします。速達をご希望の方はエクスプレスをご指定し、ご購入ください。ご質問はinfo@sandbysaya.comまでお待ちしております。

日本を含むアメリカ国外への通常国際便USPS First Class Mailでの発送:

アメリカ郵便局のUSPS First Class Mailは7~21日営業日で通常到着いたします。追跡番号はアメリカ国内のみ有効です。追跡番号や速達をご希望の方はDHLエクスプレスをご指定し、ご購入ください。ご質問はinfo@sandbysaya.comまでお待ちしております。

Return Rules and Restrictions

1. Returns on full price merchandise must be made within 14 days of arrival.
2. Product must be in original condition with tags attached.
3. We do not cover the shipping fee for return or exchange. You may visit our showroom for dropoff or pickup for free.
4. For exchange, we offer you credit or other items.
5. We recycle the motif and attach to a new sandal. There is a cost of $15 + basic sandals price + shipping for the return to your address.
6. For all other inquiries, please email

How to maintain the condition of the sandals:

1. Be gentle with the beading /embroidery parts.They are very delicate handmade motifs.
2. When sandals are packed too tightly in a confined area, the straps may bend out of shape. You can correct this by inserting towels between the toe parts. Apply a hair dryer on low heat for for 2-3 minutes, then leave it for 10-20 minutes until it cools down.
3. If there are dents on the sandal surface, you also can apply the heat by the hair dryer and rub on the line until it disappear.
4. If the sandal surface becomes discolored, this can be corrected by wiping with a sponge and dish cleaner.


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at

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